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Dragon Age: Inquisition

Around this time in 2017 I started my replay of the Dragon Age games. I’ve loved this series since 2 came out, as I missed the release of Origins and honestly, I think because I started with the widely regarded as ‘half finished’ sequel I didn’t know any better and fell in love with the whole of Thedas (and a rather dashing glowing angry elf).

Now, my general replay plan was to complete the games in order including all the DLC and books. But I got impatient to play Inquisition again and so skipped the books and some other extras. Because as much as I loved 2 I adored Inquisition (and a certain curly haired commander).

Cully-Wully 🥰

I started my replay of Inquisition when I was pregnant, but stopped as the laptop had a charging problem. Of course, the moment I saved and quit I was mid-dungeon and I was planning on picking up again after dinner. Four months later and… well…

I’m an explorer, I like to cover every inch of map for loot, secrets and surprises (much to hubs’ annoyance). While this takes time, it does give me the opportunity to collect general thoughts on the game. And you know what, I don’t know why people complain about the Hinterlands, the Hissing Wastes are the worst.

Gliches and Bugs

On this play through I encountered way more bugs, or at least noticed them more. Glitches included floating objects, bosses that wouldn’t die and my personal favourite: going off piste.

One such instance occurred in the Hinterlands; I jumped over some rocks and then fell the other side of the world wall. And it just went on and on and on. I couldn’t believe there was just so much map that had been developed. I did eventually fall off the map but it was pretty fun.

I knew the Hinterlands were big, but not end-of-the-world big.


The game title does definitely imply there are dragons aplenty, but there’s 10-13 of these magnificent creatures to bring down. And only half of those attack first. I really felt bad about running up and slaughtering the sleeping dragons and their young. And what’s worse than killing dragons? Killing the same dragon twice. Yup, my game glitched on the killing blow on the Hivernal and I had to do it again. Poor thing.

Unrealistic Expectations

Sure, there’s dragons and demons and magic and mayhem but the single most unrealistic thing in the whole game is the hymn the survivors of Haven sing when hiking through the snow AND THEY ARE ALL IN TUNE. I mean have you ever been to a carol service or heard a congregation sing a hymn? It’s always dreadful!

I think I’ll try defying gravity

While playing DA I have discovered that not only is blogging an excellent activity to do while stuck breastfeeding but gaming is too (if slightly less productive). I can sit with a boob out and LO can just eat and sleep to his little hearts content. I have to do something while I wait (and wait and wait) for 4. At least there’s plenty of fanfic to read in the meantime #thedreadwolfrises. Given that Kingdom Hearts 3 won’t be out on PC for a while, I’m thinking of playing through Okami. Have you played it or have any other recommendations? Let me know!

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