Stories of Sawolstre

It is widely known that every human has a spirit, the attributes of which are assigned upon birth. Where that Spirit comes from; how it is generated, is a mystery of the Daghwic, the Spirit plane. However, it is the relationship between the Spirit that still has its body-link on the physical plane (the living) and those that exist solely in the Daghwic (the dead) that concerns Conducting.

– To Be a Conductor by Printiss Inkpen, 736 NE

Sawolstre is my world. I have started to write many stories set within its parameters, most of which will eventually be finished, and hopefully published. Each time I have started writing a character’s story, my brain thinks ‘but what happened before this?’. I started writing the story set in the year 751 NE, then went back to write about 734 NE. My current piece is set in 112 NE.

This is Skyla’s strory, the first Conductor and the story of how Conductors first came to be.

The extract above is from the work of Printiss Inkpen, a Sawolstrian historian on Spirit lore.

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