I have no formal writing qualification (except English GCSE!) so I tend to read a lot of writing advice. Here I have consolidated a collection of some websites that I have found useful.

Pinterest Board
This is a board I created on pinterest for all those random links that have no other place.

I dare you to write
A blog for writing prompts which I find is a great way to shift past a mental block. I tend to use my characters for the situations to help me understand their personalities better.

Moody Writing
This blog is like a free writing degree! They post some really great advice on many different writing topics.

Writer’s Guide to Psychology
I love this book. Even though I have a psychology background, it is a great intro to psych. It covers loads of common mistakes that writers make when trying to write mentally ill characters. If one of your characters has a mental illness or under going therapy this is a must read.

Books for the Trees
My friend Anna runs this blog. She does a lot of book review but also posts some writing tips. Good place to look if you are unsure of what to read next.

Fairy Bat Tales
Though this isn’t necessarily writing advice, my friend Maxine runs this blog where she discusses fairy tales using her adorable little bat mascots. She actually did study English and writing and is full of wisdom. She also has an art blog over at Aiyanne with the Fairy Bats , so you can always commission portraits of your characters!

Charahub is a great place to develop characters and keep them all in one place. Even if you have your own method of storing character information they have some interesting questions to help flesh out your characters.

Sanderson’s First Law
In my opinion, Brandon Sanderson is one of the best writers ever. Even though I have this on my pinterest board, it is so useful it deserves its own link. Sanderson’s Law is aimed at fantasy writers but is useful for all genres. It is really helpful for worldbuilding and comes in three parts.
Law Two
Law Three

National Novel Writing Month
Nano is an excellent way to join in the writing community. The idea is to write a whole novel (50k words) in November. I have taken part for a few years and unfortunately the style doesn’t actually suit me. However I do love the advice and support from such a huge group of people. I have linked above to my profile in case anyone wants to buddy me.

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