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The Silver Tide: Review

The Silver Tide by Jen Williams
Silver Tide

It was some time in the middle of 2013. I was in a big Waterstones (I forget the particular city) and as I browsed I saw this beautiful book. It was a lovely golden colour and on the front was a dragon and a pun- two of my favourite things. However, I put the book down, making a note of the title. It was coming up to my birthday so it went on my amazon list.

I was pleased to receive the book for my birthday that year, but due to other reading commitments, I didn’t start reading it until the following January. Hunkered down in front of a crackling fire I met the Black Feather Three.

I have reviewed the second book in the series, but this is the review for the last book, The Silver Tide. Lucky enough to be given access to the pre-release on netgalley, it was with some trepidation that I started to read. After such a journey with Wydrin, Frith and Sebastian I was reluctant to reach the end of the adventure. However, not so reluctant that I wasn’t eager to find out the conclusions for our heroic trio.

I used to be a big fan of Doctor Who, but I became disinterested as each passing series tried to become bigger and more exciting than the last and ended up falling onto the spectrum of ridiculousness.  It’s easy enough to do I suppose, but Williams seems to overcome this hurdle in her stride. Somehow, The Silver Tide is even bigger and better than The Iron Ghost; though instead of besting its predecessor it ties everything up in a big old explosion of epicness. It is clear to me that that Williams’ improves her writing skills as she goes. The first book, The Copper Promise, has parts where I thought the pacing was slightly off but this is certainly not an issue in The Silver Tide.

As for the story itself, in this final part of the trilogy we meet Wydrin’s mother, who much like her daughter is fiery and ambitious. Her goal is to travel to the very centre of the world, an island called Euriale, and she needs the assistance of The Black Feather Three to do so.

Of course, things don’t quite as planned, but I was only around a third of the way through when I wondered what could possibly happen next-  [mild spoiler- highlight text to read!] they had reached the centre of the island and failed their task.  But the Black Feather Three wouldn’t let a measly little thing like a trip to the past stop them from saving their world. Yes, that’s right- they journey back right into the middle of the historic battle between the gods and the mages.

I can’t spoil the ending of the story for you, but there were points at which I just had to pause for a moment, put the book down and flap at the hubby in a complete non-sensical way. His response? “Book getting good?”


Yes, yes it was. But it was also heartbreaking, adrenalin filled and breath taking. It was so absorbing, it was disorientating being ejected from the book into silence and stillness when moments ago the world was full colour, light and the sounds of battle.

Williams’ creates a world that is so full and well-rounded it leaves the reader in no doubt that the events could be unfolding somewhere; there is no break in the illusion. Her characters, though numerous, are distinct and each serve a purpose in propel the story forward. She effortlessly makes them inclusive and diverse without sacrificing the narrative.

There are certain ships that will forever remain with me: Tidus/Yuna (my first ship!), Kyo/Torhu, and Hawke/Fenris. I can now add Wydrin and Frith (Wydth? Fridrin?) to that list.

Wydth – I took a photo on my phone as a placeholder until I can scan the pic tomorrow.

The Silver tide isn’t being released until the end of Feb which gives you loads of time to catch up on the story. If you like fantasy, adventure and romance then this is the series for you.

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