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The Iron Ghost: Review

The Iron Ghost by Jen Williams

Iron Ghost

Wydrin the Copper Cat of Crosshaven, Sir Sebastian, and Lord Aaron Frith also known as the Black Feather Three have found themselves once again in mortal danger. And once again it isn’t just their lives on the line. No, a whole city, nay the whole world is at risk and it is up to them to stop it. After their adventures in The Copper Promise, you might think that they had had enough of adventuring. But if you think that then you obviously don’t know them very well. Adventure, and the trouble that comes with it, is drawn to the three like a pirate to rum. And there is an awful lot of that in the story too.

If you have yet to read The Copper Promise, go read it now. You still have time to put it on your Christmas list. Go on. I’ll wait.

Ok, so now you have all caught up, let’s delve in to the meat of this adventure story. The Iron Ghost is chock full of, well everything. Like, literally everything. It would almost be dizzying if it just wasn’t quite so good. From living rocks and Roman-esque death games to zombies and just kiss alreadddddyyyy this book really does leave no stone unturned in its quest to be a top-notch fantasy story. Even the zombies couldn’t put me off, and I hate zombies.

Fan art I did of Wydrin with her description from the first book.
Fan art I did of Wydrin with her description from the first book.

There is so much in this book that I do suggest reading the first in the series prior to picking up The Iron Ghost. There are many references that hark back to the first story, and while you could still enjoy the story you will gain a lot more richness if you do. I think of this series, not as individual books but as chapters in the same story, much like The Lord of the Rings. There is just so much scope to the world Williams has created. There is a huge cast, but each one brings something unique and drives the story so it leaves little confusion about who everyone is.

If you like classic fantasy RPG games then this book is for you. You have Wydrin the rouge, Sebastian the fighter and Frith the mage. The three work together harmoniously to bring about the destruction of their latest foe. Wait, did I say harmoniously? Well, that would be the plan if things didn’t keep getting in the way.

What it's like finishing the book
What it’s like finishing The Iron Ghost

Really I just cannot begin to describe how much I enjoyed this book. I read the first in the series back in January, and though The Iron Ghost came out not long after this I made myself wait until the end of August for the smaller size to be released, so it matched the one I already had. I then had to wait even longer to be gifted it for my birthday in October. But at least now I can move on to the final installment, The Silver Tide, which I have a pre-release of on my kindle. With the end of The Iron Ghost I am very intrigued to see what happens next.

In closing, just go and buy the book. If this review hasn’t convinced you then perhaps the amazing pun on the cover might.


I mean really, who could resist that?

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