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Here Be Dragons

Review of: The Fork, The Witch and The Worm by Christopher Poalini.

Such a beautiful cover!

Paired with: dragon pearl jasmine tea. A light floral tea with woody notes. Very fragrant and a bit pretentious. Honestly, not my favourite but it does feel like something the elves of Du Weldenvarden would drink.

Cat mug for Solembum as I have not a dragon mug.

It’s not book five, but it will do.
For now.

I don’t know if it’s the huge gap between books, the maturation of Paolini’s writing or that it is a collection of short stories but I had to keep clicking my brain off the ‘this is fanfic’ mentality.

(Contrary to popular opinion, a lot of fanfiction is very well written so this is by no means an insult).

I ploughed through this book; I couldn’t get enough. Revisiting old characters/friends (Murtagh 🥰) was delightful, and reading from their point of view rather than just Eragon’s was interesting. In the main series, we get chapters from Eragon, Roran and Saphira (and Durza in the prologue) so to have this branch out to [spoiler], Angela and an Urgal made this collection fresh while also retaining the essence and heart of Cycle.

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What I loved most was how much Eragon has matured, both in terms of his character and the world he lives in. I’m aware that the Inheritance Cycle gets a lot of flack for not being the most well written/imaginative but Paolini was 15 when he created and wrote Eragon’s world. As the books progressed he was limited by his adolescent constructs but how he overcame and worked around them is something I admire. And let’s face it, most of us wouldn’t have managed it at that age.

Some of my dragons. And Thor cos it’s a THUNDER

As for the stories themselves, Paolini treats us to a glimpse of life post Galbatorix in particular how the re-rise of the dragon riders is progressing. So though it isn’t book five, it whets the appitite for more. It also gives more questions than it answers. Frustrating, but brilliant.

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